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Needs vary from life to life, from time to time, from situation to situation. Whatever your situation this firm is here to help. Addressing the real needs of real people is our primary focus.

Serving the citizens of southwest Alabama in the federal, state, county and city courts.

L D Holt & Associates, LLC, provides legal services for Municipal, District, Circuit and Federal Courts in Baldwin County, Escambia County, Mobile County and Monroe County Alabama.

The firm of L.D. Holt’s philosophy is grounded in a disciplined approach to advancing our clients’ interests as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In every representation we are committed to knowing and fully understanding each client’s specific business, industry environment, and legal concerns, with a focus on both immediate and long-term goals. Our criminal justice and other industry-focused practices such as Personal Injury,Social Security Disability, Family and Business Law help clients throughout our area to craft and execute strategies to address legal, government, and policy challenges in today’s rapidly changing criminal, economic and regulatory environments.

Our team of attorneys, and other specialists, are here to make an impact for you.

Our firm’s expanding presence allows us to offer clients a genuinely exceptional platform from which to pursue their needs and goals.

As we have grown, we have maintained our foundational dedication to close-working client relationships combined with an emphasis on results. That has been the hallmark since our founding, and it remains at the core of our services today.